Build once and run anywhere

Your artificial intelligence smart assistants (bots) can go wherever your customers are. You can build once and instantly access them on consumer messaging apps, smart assistants, and enterprise channels (such as portals, mobile apps, etc).

Messaging or corporate channels

Build the artificial intelligence smart assistants once and make it available across multiple channels, whether it’s consumer channels like Facebook Messenger, Alexa, SMS, Slack, Twitter, or corporate channels like portal, web, mobile app.  Avaamo has inbuilt translators that take care of converting the responses to appropriate representation formats supported by each channel without any changes to the bot definition.

Intelligent interactivity and experiences

Each channel presents a varying set of richness in interfaces (from pure text in SMS to rich carousels in FB Messenger) and interactions (IVR like “Press 1 for …” to  Options as “Quick Replies”). Avaamo Channel translators take care of automatically translating the interaction and experiences of the bot across all these varied channels. A bot that is constructed with rich media and gesture based responses can be automatically translated to a SMS channel without the bot developer making channel specific modifications.

Omni-channel learning

Although an artificial intelligence smart assistant is available across consumer and enterprise channels the bot developer will have a single view of all interactions and usage of the bots across all channels. Also all learning of the bot will be across all the channels so the bot does not need to be trained separately for each channel.