Fireside Chat:  July 23 | 1 PM EST

Inside Wipro’s Employee Self-Service Transfomation with Generative AI

A Fireside Chat with Kanchan Ganorkar, Head of Platforms, of Wipro

Join us for an intimate fireside chat with Wipro’s Kanchan Ganorkar, Head of Platforms, who spearheaded one of the largest GenAI implementations in the world. Hear the inspiring story of Wipro’s journey; exploring the deployment of Employee Self-service automation across 40 use cases and its impact on 200,000 employees. Learn the strategies, challenges, and successes behind deploying GenAI for a global enterprise.

In this discussion you will discover more about how…

  • Wipro’s Generative AI deployment journey: Strategies and success stories.
  • Prioritizing use cases for maximum impact.
  • Overcoming challenges in large-scale AI implementation.
  • The role of employee experience in driving adoption.
  • Future trends in AI and digital transformation.


kanchan circle

Kanchan Ganorkar
Head of Platforms

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Nanditha Pattathil
Customer Success Manager

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