Innovating Patient Care for the Digital Era with AI

Artificial intelligence is making waves in healthcare. More than 40 percent of healthcare executives consider it the technology that will have the greatest impact on their organizations within the next three years, Accenture reports.


Some health systems are already using AI to address a growing number of issues, from patient triage to scheduling to predicting patient outcomes that transform the delivery of care. An increasing number of healthcare organizations are adopting AI to triage patients and guide them to the appropriate help. Generally seen as a more accurate and reliable alternative to patient-driven online searches concerning symptoms, chatbots are helping patients who might otherwise not know where best to receive care.


Deep-learning software company, Avaamo will be sharing its best-of-breed approach to getting started on the conversational AI journey and delivering a frictionless user experience.


Join Neil Ray, M.D, of Duke University Health System and Kunal Contractor, Director, Global Head of Healthcare at Avaamo, to discover the benefits of AI in patient care today, and the possibilities for the future.

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Dr. Neil Ray, M.D.
Physician leader at Duke University Medical Center / Health Care Innovator / Technology Strategy Implementation / Financial Analysis


Dr. Neil Ray is a practicing board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician with expertise in healthcare business and informatics.  He has a Masters of Management in Clinical Informatics and has been working on healthcare technology innovation at Duke. He is particularly interested in telehealth, machine learning, and the use of conversational AI in healthcare transformation. Dr. Ray is especially focused on the utilization of innovative technology to positively impact business returns and patient experience.


Kunal Contractor
Director, Global Head of Healthcare


Originally from the UK, Kunal has been in Silicon Valley for over a decade, working with clients across a breadth of industries and customer use cases. Kunal leads the strategic process of advising clients around conversational AI, implementing disruptive technologies, and driving innovative initiatives to identify areas of customer delight, cost reduction, and revenue growth.

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