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Conversational AI Platform

Major New Feature Updates


Stay updated on Avaamo’s end-to-end feature updates to create beautiful bots.

Data parsing & knowledge pack Updates


With our new data parsing feature update, Avaamo platform is now capable of auto generating FAQs based on the PDF or webpage links imported into the platform. This is a major milestone in our product journey as previously the FAQs had to be manually deciphered and imported into the platform.

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Analytics & Insights Updates

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Receive daily updates & notifications


Number of queries : These queries are further segregated into Number of unanswered queries, Number of answered queries, Number of queries that were transferred to the agent
Total number of bot users
Top 10 intents or top 10 common keywords/queries
Distribution of users across various channels

If you missed reading through any of the daily notifications, you can always log on to the platform and track the performance of your bots for the desired time period.

Deep dive on conversations


You can also deep dive into conversations with specific users to identify the causes for agent transfers , identify popular topics of discussions or conduct a root cause analysis of certain troublesome conversations.

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Disambiguation and Multiple-question prioritization

If the user queries are vague or if the information provided by the user is incomplete, the bot now has the unique capability of clarifying these questions by asking specific follow-on questions.

What does this lead to – clear and concise answers to specific user queries ! Bots deployed using our conversational AI platform can now answer two or more questions at one-go. What does this mean ? If a user asked two or more queries in a single question, the bot can now answer both of these queries using a specific prioritization sequence.

Interface & UI updates

Skype & Skype for Business


Apart from the already available channels : website, sms and facebook messenger, bots built on Avaamo platform can now be deployed on skype and skype for business channels. This way an end user can conveniently search for your bot on skype, add them to his/her contacts and converse.

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Facebook workplace


Bots built on Avaamo platform can now be integrated with facebook workplace allowing your company’s employees to converse with the bot about common company policy related FAQs and HR related queries.

Dial-in (IVR)Phone Setup


Our platform can now deploy a toll free number where users can converse with the bot over the phone similar to an IVR setup. The users can ask related queries and the same would be answered by the bot or by a human agent depending upon the complexity of these queries.

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Voice input/output


Users can now access the bot and use this voice input/output button to voice out their queries instead of manually typing in the query window. Users can also chose to receive their response in either voice or text format depending on their preferences.