Domain Syntax

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Domain Syntax: taxonomic models for increased accuracy and personalization

Developer-defined Dictionaries

Although there is a dictionary at the language level, for most real-world cases, an appendix has to be generated that helps data scientists to accurately model specific terms and phrases that best reflect the usage in their specific organization, vertical or market. For instance, a “plan” means something completely different in a telco vs a healthcare organization.


The Avaamo platform supports developer defined dictionaries that can be used to supplement the base NLU engine for precision inference of industry specific terms and thus provide more relevant and accurate response.

Regional Taxonomy

In addition to specific verticals, even within the same organization, there is a need to have a global dictionary and a regional/local dictionary(s) to ensure the language models are optimally trained. For instance, PTO might translate to a vacation in American English but something completely different in another regional context.


The Avaamo platform allows developers to define regional dictionaries to supplement and further personalize the responses.

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