The Avaamo Dialog Engine

Our patented Dialog Engine allows you to automate, personalize, and manage multiple enterprise conversations.

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Patented advances in Conversational Intelligence

The most advanced and intuitive conversation modeler for enterprise

Conversational Context

Avaamo’s patented dialog engine is stateful and remembers the context of the conversation to automatically start from where the user left off at any stage of the conversation.


  • At the session level, allowing users to jump across various conversation threads seamlessly.
  • At the user level, so user doesn’t need to repeat any of the information they have provided.
  • At the agent level, so returning users can have a different experience
  • At the enterprise level, so users can be nudged/alerted to complete specific goals

Conversational Patterns

Not all conversations are the same.  When its finding a relevant answer that is buried in a HR document, or a response that is part of a FAQ or asking the user to complete a benefits enrollment or user finding the closest urgent care location via phone  – each of these questions requires a different pattern of conversation to respond effectively.


Avaamo is the only Conversational AI platform that can support all these distinct conversational patterns to be included as part of the same virtual agent (link to the different Bot Builders)

Personalized Conversations

For the same question, the response can be different based on region, language, your role in the organization, your loyalty status etc – Avaamo’s unique filtering mechanism allows for a simple way to configure and manage multiple personalized responses without any coding.

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