Conversational AI
Use Case Identification & Prioritization 

Ensure your AI bets are well placed

Identifying and prioritizing conversational AI use cases is not an easy task and some organizations struggle with it. This is still a good problem to have; the real issue arises when enterprises underestimate the challenges, feeling they have done the same thing many times before when running other digital programs and assume selecting right conversational AI use cases is not all that different. The result is failed prototype, but more often great initial demos followed by a series of disappointments.


To help enterprises, undertaking the Conversational AI journey, we have developed the Conversational AI Use Case Prioritization Grid.

grid diagram

How to use the Prioritization Grid?

1. Engage with internal business stakeholders and operations leader to gather inputs on automation requirements


2. Work through virtual assistant options in the grid and cross the cells with relevant use cases for each of them.


mark grid usecase@2x


3. Use the discovery questions below to prioritize the use case to begin the journey

(a) How well does the use case fit into the strategic goals of the company?

(b) Is the use case highly repetitive with huge volumes of interactions?

(c) Does this use case require integration with multiple system of records?

(d) What is the degree of complexity of this use case? Does it include simple workflows or complicated ones?

(e) What is the ROI for the use case? How quickly can you achieve value?

Additional Resources

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