Accelerating Agent Efficiency with Generative AI


Introducing the only end-to-end Generative AI Agent Assist solution for contact centers.

We talked to scores of call center managers and agents discussing the agent journey, analyzing their in-call and post call actions and workloads. Sound familiar?

agentA day in the life of a customer service agent: Addressing irate customers, adhering to tight work schedules, and adapting to erratic work hours constitute just a few of the daily challenges that customer service agents encounter. To compound matters, the majority of call centers continue to rely on antiquated analog systems and IVR technology, significantly amplifying the agents’ workload. Frequently, customers must repeat their concerns because their context isn’t maintained throughout their interaction. Moreover, they’re often confronted with the frustrating “Please hold” message as agents navigate between disconnected systems in search of the information to assist them.

managerA day in the life of a call center manager: A fundamental narrative of Contact Center Operations: “we don’t have enough agents online”. The number of agents you have on staff is your magic number. You don’t need a huge team, but you do need to be smart with staffing & training to make them productive. Only then can you comfortably handle the volume of calls and messages coming through. Indeed, a veritable multi-billion dollar industry of vendors, consultants, and systems integrators push and promote this narrative adding on “micro features” to an aging IVR infrastructure.

Avaamo’s approach

Generative AI for the Contact Center

We decided that instead of preemptively launching a “microfeature” we need to spend the time understanding the how agents handle their calls, the clicks, the searches, the notes and then decide which area would be natural fit for generative AI.

Avaamo Agent Assist

Our Agent Assist software is designed to follow an agent’s journey once he accepts the call and thoughtfully provide him with assistance using generative AI every step of the way.

Exhibit 1

Optimizing every aspect of the Agent Experience

1. Automatic recommendations

In the current era of hybrid call centers, real-time guidance is crucial. Call center agents often face challenges when it comes to subject matter expertise. Avaamo’s AI automatically identifies the customer based on CRM data or their specific account and generates a script containing recommended responses, drawn from numerous successful interactions.

Exhibit 2
Contextual suggested responses are shown instantly as the user is speaking.
screenshot automatic recommendaiton@2x 50

2. AI knowledge Assist

Avaamo provides more than just keyword search. It offers a comprehensive AI-based knowledge retrieval system with out-of-the-box integration to multiple systems, including SOP, tickets, CRM, and other repositories. This system generates a comprehensive response that agents can use in real time.

Exhibit 3
AI-generated suggestions from public sources, company content, and SOP documents.
screenshot recommentations@2x 50

3. Next best action

Avaamo AI monitors conversations in real-time and provides context-aware next best actions, reducing the workload for agents. Furthermore, Avaamo AI takes it a step further by prioritizing actions within the context of the ongoing dialogue with the customer, even offering follow-up guidance in real-time.

Exhibit 4
The actions are prioritized and shown in the order of importance to the conversation.
screenshot nextbestaction@2x 50

4. Automation/RPA

Avaamo recognizes the necessary workflow, whether it involves updating the CRM, canceling a plan, or modifying a profile. It then offers a one-click action to execute these workflows.

Exhibit 5
RPA integrates with backend systems automating a wide range of tasks
screenshot rps@2x 50

5. Summary disposition

Lengthy back-and-forth conversations are condensed into concise summaries. Further, key sections are timestamped, allowing for audits or revisits to assess how agents responded to specific actions and update CRM records. This eliminates the need for agents to rush through post-call summaries, which can prolong AHT and inconvenience the next customer in line.

Exhibit 6
Concise, timestamped summaries are generated of all conversations
screenshot summary@2x 50screenshot topic@2x 50

6. Topic extraction

Avaamo AI comprehends the conversation’s ontology and generates real-time tags and topics for integration into analytic tools, which analyze trends and insights related to common customer issues or topics. Avaamo also incorporates predefined topics or tags that the call center intends to monitor with an easy setup and configuration.

Exhibit 7
Realtime tags and topics are generated and integrated into analytics tools


Avaamo Agent Assist: The most advanced scalable solution in the market optimizing every aspect of agent workloads with generative AI.


Ram Menon is the CEO and co-founder of Avaamo.

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