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Thinking about AI for Contact Center Automation?
5 Essential Steps to Designing an Effective Strategy

In this webinar, Skand Bhargava shares observations on how to design an effective AI-powered contact center automation strategy. The session brings together the findings from analysis of over 2 billion interactions managed over Avaamo’s platform in the last 12 months across 10+ countries and reveals dos and don’ts of how to leverage automation and AI.

Discussion topics:

  • Why contact center automation strategies fail?
  • How factors impacting customers differ from conventional wisdom?
  • How to define automation framework for significant gains and differentiation?
  • Key steps that ensure an effective, robust automation strategy

This is an interactive presentation where you can feel free to ask your most pressing questions when it comes to implementing a contact center automation strategy and get answers straight from the foremost leaders.

Skand Bhargava
Head of AI Research

Skand Bhargava comes from strong thought leadership background in contact center automation space and is responsible for Avaamo’s unique value proposition and positioning of its offerings, product leadership and patented technology with all relevant stakeholders in the marketplace. In his prior role at Everest Group, he led the CXM advisory practice managing relationships with Fortune 500 companies and leading vendors in the CXM space. With over 12 years of advisory experience, Skand’s passionate about the interplay between contact center, customer experience, and conversational AI.

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