What Virtual Agents Can (and should do) for the Contact Center

On Demand Webinar – Recorded August 29th, 2019

Advances in conversational AI are enabling contact centers to automate more call types than ever. For customer-centric organizations, the key to improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer journey is to offer both options — self-service and human assistance.  But achieving the right balance of virtual and live agents can be tricky. Too much automation can frustrate end users, while a complete reliance on human agents can be prohibitively expensive. How can enterprises maximize ROI with virtual agents and deliver stellar customer service?

Watch this webinar as guest speaker Ian Jacobs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Helena Chen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Avaamo, discuss:

  • What organizations should consider before adopting conversational AI
  • Use cases and best call types to automate with a virtual agent
  • How virtual and live agents can work together to improve the customer experience

Ian Jacobs
Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals

Ian Jacobs serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. With a focus on the digital transformation of customer service, he is an expert in contact centers. His research keeps a sharp focus on customer experience and agent experience issues. Ian is an award-winning columnist, is regularly quoted in major global publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

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