Using Conversational AI to Transform Patient Scheduling At Covid Speed



How to apply artificial intelligence technologies to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and streamline patient flow

Enabling better patient access is a key driver of success for healthcare providers, especially in the age of COVID-19. Not only are conventional healthcare systems competing against the increasing popularity of new technologies such as telehealth but they’re also scrambling to make up lost revenue by managing backlogs, improving reduced referral rates, and most importantly – ensuring seamless patient access.


Automating patient access and scheduling using conversational AI technologies is helping to streamline the patient flow through the doctor’s office, lowering wait times significantly, and improving overall satisfaction scores.


Join us in this webinar to learn about:

•  Smart scheduling – the first step to transforming the entire patient journey
•  Avaamo’s award-winning approach to developing NLU for Healthcare
•  How to delegate laborious tasks such as scheduling and follow-ups to your Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)
•  Successful IVA projects that have helped transform healthcare systems

Manu Prasanna
Senior Conversational AI Strategist


Manu Prasanna is an experienced marketing and technology professional. At Avaamo, Manu ensures Avaamo products are aligned to market needs and the quality of the products are in alignment with company values. Previously at VMware, Manu was in charge of developing a next-generation Cloud Management Platform including Cloud Automation, Operations, and Business Management products. Manu was one of the key figures for the new tech releases from VMware. His passion for creating and distributing beneficial software services has allowed for exciting market trends and tech updates.

Robert Smith 250px

Robert Smith
Product Specialist for Conversational AI


Robert Smith is a Product Specialist for Conversational AI at Avaamo. His primary goal is to help companies to find where proper use of Avaamo’s Augmented Intelligence can help both their employees and their clients to do what they do better. His background includes hands-on experience with other cognitive technologies, along with analytics, big data, integration, and search. This experience helps him to see how it can all work together, to best ensure successful solution deployment, as well as growth.

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