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Why Your Marketing Needs Chatbots in 2017?

The 21st century saw a significant shift in focus for marketing from traditional media to digital media. With the emergence of new media platforms, marketers are challenged to optimize their ad spends across a mix of old and new platforms. It started with spends on SEM/SEO campaigns in late 90’s, later social media campaigns and then mobile marketing. Now marketers face the emergence of a yet another powerful new platform — Chatbots.

1. Engage millennials through their preferred mode of communication

Millennials love to chat and what if brands can engage them through chat? That’s precisely what chatbots enable brands to do. The enterprise chatbots being AI-powered, equipped with machine learning capabilities and able to process and converse in natural language make them all the more attractive. If enterprise chatbots are developed using AI-based advanced bots platform, it will not be possible to differentiate between a conversation with bots and a conversation with humans.

2. Create a virtual personality for your brand

Chatbots for business help brands engage more with users beyond the traditional metrics of clicks or views. Brands can create a virtual personality in the form of chatbot, program it to speak in the brand’s language, and have real conversations with customers.

3. Delight customers with smart suggestions

H&M Clothing’s official chatbot navigates customers through different outfits and suggests outfits by asking right questions. Sephora’s bot offers beauty tips to customers through chat. During the chat, it also pops up a short quiz to know more about customers including their age, makes up preferences etc. Thus, brands and marketers can pose direct questions to know more about personal preferences of customers which are not possible through traditional forms of marketing.

The aggregate of all these conversations let brands amass a lot of information about their customers and prospects. Along with these personal preferences, chatbots gather real-time insights about customers based on their past behavior and provide them suitable choices or even suggest products which complement their last purchase.

4. Real-time responses to customer queries

With chatbots, brands can also eliminate the frustrating waiting times of customers to get the call connected to an executive or get a reply for an important query. Unlike their human counterparts, chatbots for customer service never need a break. They can process tons of information and gather insights quickly, resulting in real-time responses.

5. New channel for Marketers

Chatbots are a new channel for marketers to experiment, one which cannot be ignored for sure. Being a new medium, there is also the advantage of less competition and no ad fatigue, unlike social media campaigns.

Chatbots are an emerging medium to engage with customers and take personalisation to the next level. It is also creating a paradigm shift in marketing, from one-to-many to one-to-one marketing and from campaigns to conversations.

Now, it’s your call to take the plunge or be left high and dry.