How to Build Effective Conversational AI Applications


Intelligent AI Technology

Conversational AI has the potential to change the way you do business and build relationships with your customers, employees and stakeholders, especially now. But conversational AI is not easy to get right. So how should you get started?

In this two part webinar series, join our Senior Conversational AI Strategist, Manu Prasanna, Machine Learning Engineer, Abhi Sharma, and Global Delivery Head, Ranjit Anand, as they walk us through the conversational AI journey. Learn the nuances of designing intelligent experiences that are effective, memorable, and delightful.


In this series you will learn about:


  • Beginner’s basics: entities, intents and multi-turn conversations
  • How to set business goals
  • Selecting the right workflows to automate
  • How to deliver Conversational AI at scale
  • Avaamo Skills, Skills Store and Skills Builder

Manu Prasanna

Senior Product Manager

Manu Prasanna is an experienced marketing and technology professional. At Avaamo, Manu ensures Avaamo products are aligned to market needs and the quality of the products are in alignment with company values. Previously at VMware, Manu was in charge of developing a next-generation Cloud Management Platform including Cloud Automation, Operations, and Business Management products. Manu was one of the key figures for the new tech releases from VMware. His passion for creating and distributing beneficial software services has allowed for exciting market trends and tech updates.

abhi square

Abhi sharma

Machine Learning Engineer


Abhi is a Machine Learning Engineer with a specialization in neuroscience. He builds Avaamo machine learning products and works closely with strategic customers in healthcare and telcos – in designing their supervised and unsupervised learning systems for conversational interfaces.

ranjit pic

Ranjit Anand

Head of Global Delivery


Ranjit is the Global Delivery Head at Avaamo, and has substantial experience in managing complex projects for customers across the globe. His expertise lies in the development and delivery of conversational AI projects, as well as web and mobile applications, to a wide range of customers across the telecom, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, education, manufacturing and automobile sectors.

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