Here’s why chatbot will be the best employee of your Insurance firm

Chatbots have opened a new avenue for Insurance firms to interact with their customers, prospects, employees and agents. Chatbots for insurance can hold natural conversation with whomever they are interacting with and answer complex queries related to policies with the help of AI.

Using Avaamo’s bot as a service offering, an insurance firm can build custom chatbots for insurance to address any requirement of their customers, call center agents or sales brokers. Chatbots will also help the insurance firms to improve their efficiencies by offloading major load of redundant work involved in claims disbursal, answering inbound calls and customer service to custom built insurance chatbots instead of employees.

Insurance shopper bots assist the prospects to browse through different policy options and suggest suitable policy for them based on their previous purchases, risk profile and coverage needs. Chatbots for insurance can also be employed to help on-boarding customers, file claims on behalf of customers, assist agents in addressing customer requests and many more.

Chatbots are expected to disrupt all segments of insurance, much like many other industries. Some of the major insurance firms which has already embraced chatbots include Allianz, Link4 of Poland, Co-op Banking Group, Nationale-Nederlanden Insurance, Credit Agricole of France and RBC Insurance in Canada.