Enterprise Chatbots, And Why they matter for Brands

Enterprise chatbot platforms are advanced AI powered software suits which enable brands to quickly develop smarter chatbots, manage and deploy them for customers, employees or even third party vendors. These enterprise bot platforms let brands develop bots on demand or bots as a service as and when they require, per their specific requirement. They can be deployed at any customer touchpoints; native mobile app, website or fb messenger handle.

Chatbot for business has emerged as the smartest way for brands to engage with their users. Chatbots work as personal assistants for your users, providing them with the relevant answers based on their profile and previous purchases. While there were real persons answering these chat queries in the past, off late most of the brands have started deploying bots for performing these tasks. Chatbots help brands provide scalable one-to-one experience to their users, while automating most of the repetitive tasks involved in customer support.

Eg. Facebook has recently opened up for chatbots, which provides an immense potential for brands to engage with over 900 mn users (customers or potential customers) on a platform which supports over 60 bn messages per day. Chatbots for business developed using enterprise bot platforms equips brands to achieve this scale.