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Conversational Commerce and Chatbots – Why it matters for Retail and Ecommerce Firms

In 2015 Chris Messina from Uber coined the term conversational commerce and predicted 2016 to be the year for that. Conversational commerce can be defined as usage of chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces to interact with customers/users and brands (chatbots representing brands), that so far have had no place in the bidirectional messaging context which was not real time.

While chatbots have gotten smarter with AI powered bot platforms which let brands create bots on demand to serve any business need, customers have also gotten more comfortable with interactions over messaging platforms, let that be Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Skype or any other platform.

Retail chatbots and ecommerce chatbots developed using intelligent AI powered bots platform can be deployed at any customer touch point, from fb messenger, website or even mobile app. These natural language processing bots on demand are also capable of suggesting options based on customer’s’ previous purchase history.

Just imagine the convenience of pinging your favourite retailer’s fb messenger handle about your favourite brand’s latest sneakers, getting the choices of right size and completing the payment, all through a fb messenger conversation. Ecommerce/Retail chatbots just make that possible,  all thanks to conversational commerce.