Move over FB Messenger – Is the enterprise chatbot adoption going to be faster?

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot hype has been dubbed as premature. Nevertheless, it’s achieved a keen awareness on how self-service tasks can be automated. The vision of Tony Stark’s “Jarvis” being available on your humble smartphone seems real.  This has driven a fundamental rethink of the way we think about interacting with businesses and services.

On the other hand, the rise of the Chatbots signifies two fundamental changes that bode well for the enterprise.

Conversation as the UX:

Ever since the emergence of the graphical user interface (browser) we’ve been taught to use search and query as the primary way to seek information. With the rise of the smartphone,  a “mobile app” has become the preferred way to interact with enterprise systems. Now many years later,  comes a new conversational interface where you can “ask” questions and get a “response.” No downloading an app, no laborious updates! Texting your Inventory system or your CRM system for customer information is an entirely new concept which is very approachable and attractive.

Self-service comes to the enterprise:

Companies thrive on structured processes and institutional intelligence. Whether it’s understanding your employee benefits,  processing a loan,  troubleshooting your internet service, who needs a pesky “hold for the next available agent” message?  If institutional intelligence can be coupled with a structured process – assistance is now only a text message away.

Then what’s the problem?

Enterprises operate on a single pivot – a system of record. Whether it’s customer profiles, billing details or inventory statuses, this information resides somewhere on an enterprise server. This information resides in a system of record – layered behind security, entitlement and security protocols. Unless your conversational interface has access to this information, an enterprise transaction cannot be executed in a meaningful manner.

For the first time, Avaamo offers

  • conversational interfaces
  • machine learning
  •  Artificial Intelligence

These are combined in a single platform. It supports an enterprise’s existing security and entitlement protocols, connects to the system of record, and allows enterprises to create, manage, and execute meaningful conversations with employees and customers.