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Can Chatbots help brands engage Millennials?

Millennials account for more than 75 million in the US and more than 336 million in India. That’s a sizeable chunk of the population of both the countries. However, figuring out how to connect with millennials have always been a formidable challenge for CMO’s.

So, who are these mysterious creatures?

While ‘millennials’ is a widely-used term, there is no universal definition of who belongs to this generation. Most experts agree that millennials are anyone born between early 80’s to late 90’s. They are the those who have grown up with the internet. Those who have progressed from computers to laptops and then smartphones.

A few of the characteristics of this generation compared to their predecessors are short attention span and need for instant gratification. Millennials are accustomed to chatting and they hate waiting, let it be on IVR to speak to a human or response for an email. According to Facebook Insights, 65% of millennials and Gen Xers would rather message a business than call or email.

With enterprise chatbots, brands can have one-to-one conversations with them, engaging them through a medium of communication they are most comfortable with. Enterprise bots representing brands can process a plethora of data quickly and provide very personalized responses instantly, often drawing insights from their past behavior.

Chatbots also eliminate the need to download the brand app. Bots can be deployed anywhere, from brand’s facebook messenger handle to the brand’s website.

Businesses can use chatbots to create a virtual identity for them. Enterprise bots built using advanced chatbot platforms can be programmed to chat in formal or casual language depending on the positioning of the brand, industry, and audience. Millennials identify this chatbot as the brand’s public face, one which converses with them in brand’s language.

Engaging millennials has always been a challenge for marketers. Brands can gain the attention of millennials only by spending marketing dollars where they already are, not on traditional marketing channels. Enterprise chatbots open a new platform for brands and marketers to engage millennials right where they already are.