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Bringing Conversational AI to ServiceNow

What’s in your virtual agent?

On demand webinar: Recorded 3/2020

When it comes to service delivery, are you providing the best end user experience? If you’re not using an intelligent virtual assistant to automate workflows, the answer is probably no.

In this webinar, we’ll delve into how you can turbocharge your ServiceNow implementation with an AI-driven virtual assistant that automates ITSM, HR, and customer service queries — for true call deflection. Avaamo integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow to deliver a conversational experience that:

  • Automates multi-turn conversations and handles complex queries, without human intervention
  • Drives operational efficiency by improving ITSM metrics including MTTR and first-touch resolution
  • Enhances the end user experience through 24/7 accessibility and multi-channel support 

Watch the conversational AI experts Ankita Singh and Ben Phillips discuss the capabilities that matter most in a virtual agent, and provide a demo featuring real-world use cases.

Ben Phillips
Machine Learning Engineer


Ben brings over 8 years of technical and consulting experience in ServiceNow where he was in Professional Services, and has built AI applications in the ServiceNow App Store. He is currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Avaamo, responsible for helping customers discover how the Avaamo platform can revolutionize their enterprise. Ben lives in San Francisco and has a pretty serious coffee addiction. 

Ankita Singh
Conversational AI Architect


Ankita is a conversational AI architect at Avaamo, where she is responsible for building conversational AI applications and training large enterprise accounts on the deployment and management of virtual assistants. Ankita has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and in her free time, can be found hiking or geeking out on all things Harry Potter.