Avaamo &
ServiceNOW Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Recorded October 29, 2019

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Join Avaamo’s Lead Machine Architect, David Gwartney, on-demand for this informational webinar as he explains and demos how Avaamo’s seamless integration with ServiceNOW allows you to deploy virtual assistants at scale for IT provisioning and service requests.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to ServiceNOW and Avaamo
  • Using Avaamo as the last mile of communication to best utilize the services provided within ServiceNOW.
  • Demonstration showing Avaamo and ServiceNOW working in tandem to provide services such as:
    • Software Provisioning
    • Answering Questions Using Conversational Knowledge Base
    • Create and Manage Incidents
    • Query and Order Services from a Service Catalog
    • Find Contact Directory Lookup Based Upon Role, Location, Expertise
    • Incident Triage to Provide Self-Service 

David Gwartney
Lead Machine Architect

David leads the team of Machine Learning Solutions for Avaamo, in addition to providing business solutions, technical guidance, and virtual assistant education for strategic accounts deploying the Avaamo conversational platform. David’s software experience spans nearly 30 years having worked in a variety of industries including Aircraft Design, Data Warehousing, Gaming, Semiconductor Testing, and Systems Monitoring (IT and industrial systems).

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