5 Proven Ways to Resolve IT Support Tickets Faster

How AI Helps Improve Service Desk Efficiency and Increase Agent Productivity

IT support is struggling.

With a majority of employees now working from home, teams relying on conventional ticketing systems are finding themselves unable to keep up with the volume and velocity of inbound requests. For instance, queries related to VPN setup and connectivity have skyrocketed, and agents are having to resolve these low-level issues repeatedly, despite their limited bandwidth.


In this session we will discuss:


  • How conversational AI automation can ease the service desk’s burden
  • How to automate IT support workflows for faster ticket resolution
  • How to leverage AI technology to surface information quickly and efficiently


Discover how to intercept and resolve issues even before a ticket is raised, so that your IT department can focus on business-critical tasks while your organization sees higher employee productivity.

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Abhi Sharma

Product Manager – Conversational Intelligence


Abhi Sharma is a Product Manager for Conversational Intelligence at Avaamo. With years of experience in natural language processing and a background in neuroscience and data science, Abhi is constantly looking to translate academic research into real-world applications to improve the state of the art in enterprise conversational AI.


Manu Prasanna

Senior Conversational AI Strategist


Manu Prasanna is an experienced marketing and technology professional. At Avaamo, Manu ensures Avaamo products are aligned to market needs and the quality of the products are in alignment with company values. Previously at VMware, Manu was in charge of developing a next-generation Cloud Management Platform including Cloud Automation, Operations, and Business Management products. Manu was one of the key figures for the new tech releases from VMware. His passion for creating and distributing beneficial software services has allowed for exciting market trends and tech updates.

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